Available..but not visible. Is this possible?

Hi Folks,
I would appreciate any insight on the following query. I have a specific Context indicating ‘Four items available’, but the actions do not appear ‘visible’. Is there some set of circumstances that allow this to be possible?
Any ideas would be appreciated

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? Also, do you have anything deferring these tasks or any filters/perspectives active that prevent you from seeing the tasks in that context? It seems to me some switches may be flipped to focus on specific things that doesn’t include the context in question.

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I would suggest to temporarily change the view options in that specific perspective to see ‘all’ tasks. Then if you see those 4 tasks you can click them and see why. If they don’t show up then I’m out of ideas :(

I’ve personally had issues when you have tasks nested (I.e. tasks under tasks) and the parents sometimes show up in the counts even if the ‘child’ is not visible. Can’t really remember the exact scenario though, but I think it was more the due count rather than the available count…

Thanks to jonolo6 and postcasting spark for their replies and suggestions. I eventually narrowed the problem down to one particular Project which appeared (to Omnifocus) to contain four tasks, but in reality had NO tasks (Available, Remaining or Completed) associated with the Project. I deleted the Project heading and the mystery ‘Available’ tasks disappeared from the 'Context view.
Thanks for the contributions and suggestions, they were much appreciated,