Backups with iPadOS

I am using OmniFocus with iPadOS. I appear to be only able to keep two backups. The MacOS version allows endless backups.

Any ideas on how to set up an endless number of backups?

I would have to assume that there would be limited space on an iPad so the developers left it at two backups.

I tend to rely on my Mac for reviewing old backups because I have more screen real estate to work with when comparing backups.

If you’d like, send a feature request within the Settings screen of iPad app to put in your vote for this.

Thanks for your feedback.

In the Settings pane Backups, there is an explanation of how backups work in Ipad OS. Apparently the concept is different from in Mac OS:

”When automatic backups are on, OmniFocus will make a full copy of your database every 24 hours and keep the most recent copy. If automatic backups are off, you can still back up manually.”

It seems possible to create more backups manually, but that’s probably not what you would like to do.

… but when I quit Omnifocus, some manually created backups were automatically deleted. Only the two latest backups were kept, so manual backups does not seem to be an alternative.

Thanks. That is what I have determined as well. Not ideal…

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