Badge App Icon Won't Go Away--Anyone Else?

Using OF for iPhone (2.4, iOS 8.1.1, iphone 5C), I cannot get my badge icon to go away, even though (a) it wasn’t appearing till recently because (b) I turned it off in Settings (i.e., the actual iPhone Settings app).

When I go to Settings from within OF, it says App Icon Badge Counts are “Disabled in Settings.”

Closing and re-opening the app doesn’t help.

I’m hoping I’m just missing something obvious, but this is new, and I didn’t change anything.

Anyone else having the issue? I don’t even have the option anywhere now in the phone (whether in Settings or through OF) to adjust the badge icon setting.

Hey @AbramKJ! Thanks for posting here - Unfortunately, it looks this is an iOS 8.1.1 and OmniFocus 2.4 compatibility issue that we just discovered. We’re working on addressing this issue, and the fix should be included in the next OmniFocus 2 for iPhone update.

If you would rather not wait for the issue to be resolved in the next update, it is possible to work around this issue in the current version of OmniFocus for iPhone. If you open each of these URLS in Safari on your iPhone, the setting for each of “App Icon Badge Count” option will be set to 0 (disabling the badge count for that option).

DUE SOON :omnifocus:///change-preference?BadgeCountsDueSoonActions=false
FLAGGED: omnifocus:///change-preference?BadgeCountsFlaggedActions=false
OVERDUE: omnifocus:///change-preference?BadgeCountsOverdueActions=false

I hope the workaround will help you get going again; we’re sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thanks! Great workaround. It worked.

You can probably imagine that many of us OmniFocus users have a hard time seeing any number there. Of course, it should be at 0 anyway (from my end), but I’m also realistic.

Thanks for the upcoming fix, too.

I also had the same issue,

Glad you posted the fix, but what a tedious “fix”.

Does this really fix things, or will it return? My iPhone app is still mis-counting the Forecast’s due items. Add that to the crash I had yesterday and I’m getting nervous about the integrity of my data.

How much longer are you going to make customers wait for a fix that you’ve known about for EIGHTEEN DAYS.

I’m afraid the try to manual fix, quite honestly, because I no longer trust your software. When the app you rely on daily launches with weird, blank items marked overdue that disappear when you click them, won’t sync as advertised, and changes to settings don’t actually do anything - the last thing I feel like doing is hacking around with your stupid shortcuts that are practically guaranteed to break something else.