Badge to show the amount of actions in the perspective

hello everybody.)

i’m quite sure that i’m not the first or the only one who’d want there to be an option to set the badge count to show the number of actions in the specific perspective (e.g. the famous Today perspective in all its different invariations).

in my case, the Today perspective shows all the due, overdue, and available flagged actions, and it shows them as individual actions (not in project hierarchy).

i’ve tried to set the badge to show the number of all overdue + due soon + flagged actions, BUT…the problem appears when i have a project that is flagged but doesn’t have any actions associated with it (and, yes, i know it’s kinda against one of the main GTD rules…).
in this case i have an extra phantom “action” in the badge count which turned out to be that empty flagged project.

i’d hoped that the badge would be an interesting way to always see how far i am in my day, but this phantom +1 in the badge kind of ruins it.

soo… i thought i’d bring up the case why an option to set a badge count for the perspective would be a good idea. wonder if you agree…?)