Badges Not Displaying Correct Count

I am having a problem with the badge count in OmniFocus 3 on my iMac and watch. In the Forecast view, I have 6 past due showing and 2 due soon showing. I have the “Badges” setting to show Overdue, Due Soon and Flagged. In the Badges setting screen it shows % past + 4 soon, and the badge icon on the home screen of the iPhone shows 9, (the amount showing on the “settings” screen, but not the correct amount indicated on the “Forecast” screen.

On the watch, I have the badge setting to show Overdue and Due Soon, “Due Today” is unchecked. The badge on the watch shows 10, which is equal to the Overdue, Today and Due soon.

As a side note, why is tere not choice to show “Due Today” badges on the iPhone?

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