Batch Find - is there any way to do this without dragging the cursor?

It’s amazing to me that OO5 Find defaults to “Filter” with no method I have found to do “Batch Find” without mousing up into the Find box and dragging.

  • no way to set a preference
  • no appearance in the menu bar Find - from which I could automate using a keystroke manager
  • no keyboard shortcut

I have already added a vote to make Batch Find a preference I can set; but while I’m waiting is there anything I can do to Batch Find without actually moving the cursor up into the Find box and dragging? Any scriptable way? Any hidden keyboard shortcut?

I use Keyboard Maestro to create a macro. The steps are:

  1. Alt-Command-F to move the cursor to the Search Field.

  2. Command-Down Arrow to invoke the little menu

  3. B to select Batch Find

  4. Space bar to close the menu and move the cursor back to the Search Field where you can now enter your search string, and it will perform a Batch Find instead of a Filter.

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