Batch Find over entire document without having to unfocus


I love Batch Find except for one thing: if I have a focus on the document it conducts the Batch Find in just that focus. I always want the search to be conducted over the entire document, which means each time I want to do a Batch Find I have to unfocus (which can take a few seconds depending on the size of the document) and then conduct my search. Is there a way to tell OmniOutliner that by default I want to conduct the search over the entire document?


@3Deditor I’m with you! I’ve almost stopped using OmniOutliner a few times because of this issue. When I first started using the app years ago, it didn’t operate like this (or I probably never would have adopted it).

To get around this issue, I use a BTT shortcut that first clicks the menu item to unfocus and then clicks the menu option for the search field. You can do the same thing in Alfred or just plain old Applescript, etc. However, it’s not without its quirks - as I often have to press it a few times depending on the size of the file. It’s hard to determine the appropriate amount of time for the delay (i.e., depending on the size).

This approach is pretty wonky, so I’d love to hear if others have better ways. Of course, I wish OmniOutliner’s developers would just fix this issue altogether - or at least give us an option to truly search the entire document.