Beach balls, freezing and syncing

I’m using the trial version of OF2 and am very pleased with it. I especially like the forecast option. The interface is great and font extremely clear. The UI is uncluttered and all seems very intuitive.

My only concern is that I’m seeing rather a lot of beach balls. Especially with the quick text entry. Sometimes I open the quick entry, start typing only to notice nothing has happened with the quick entry, then some seconds later that text appears. The iphone version 2 also has this freezing problem not responding to any pressing on the screen, more so than the mac version. As these are the only OF2 versions it seems OF2 has some issues.

Syncing is also not smooth. I went through the steps to create a new database, but quite frequently syncing can take 2 min. Not great with only 50 tasks.

Is anyone else having these issues? I really like OF2, but it seems more beta than release ready.

yes, this is a bug or something. I mentioned this on another thread. If you see beach balls, try to go into OF preference and see the last sync time. You will notice that it’s at exactly the same time as your beach ball event.

I paused the sync for 2 days now and hadn’t had a single beach ball, believe it or not.

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Many thanks for this. Is the sync better when done over wifi? Any idea if Omni have recognised this is an issue and are working on it? I have submitted a support request on the issue.

i believe they’re aware of it. For me, there’s no difference in wifi sync or otherwise. It just freezes sometimes.

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We’re aware of an issue where OmniFocus 2 on the Mac freezes sometimes. It would be very helpful in tracking down this issue if, when you contact Omni about it, you can include a sample taken while the beachball is visible. Instructions for how to take a sample are available on our Support site.

Hmm, this is definitely not how long it should be taking! I have 1,955 tasks in my OmniFocus database, and when I synced my slowest device just now (my iPhone) it finished in less than two seconds.

There are several factors that could be at play here, however:

  • You could have a stale device registered, causing sync history to build up and slowing down syncing on all devices. You can tell whether this is happening by checking the database state in the iPhone app’s settings to see how many zip files it thinks you have. (If you have more than a dozen or two, this is probably the problem.)

    You can fix this on the Mac by syncing all your current devices (to make sure you don’t lose anything when you reset your sync history), then going into Sync Preferences, clicking on the Gear to the right of the “Sync Now” button, and unregistering all your devices. Then sync all your current devices again, and if this was the issue subsequent syncs should be much faster.

  • Our free sync service is located in Seattle. If you don’t have a fast connection to our Seattle servers from where you are, this will obviously affect sync times. You might find that syncing is much faster if you sync to a local server.

  • Our free sync service is actually distributed across two dozen server boxes, and during peak hours (such as 9am Monday morning) a few of those servers have been overloaded since the launch of OmniFocus 2. We’ve been trying to balance the load between servers by migrating accounts off those overloaded servers, and we’re also working to scale up the capacity of our entire system by bringing more servers online, but over the last few weeks new customers have been signing up faster than we’ve managed to keep up with!

    We’re continuing to work to improve the performance of our free sync service, but if this is the problem you’re encountering you could always try using a commercial service such as [SwissDisk] ( to see if that improves your sync times.

That said, sync delays should never cause a beach ball. Any time you encounter a beach ball, please [sample the app] ( so we can determine exactly what is causing that issue. (There was a known issue in 2.0 with some Finder/SIMBL plug-ins that should now be fixed in the latest [test builds] (

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Many thanks for the reply.

I’ve decided not to continue using OF and as my trial has expired, have no need to now rectify these issues. Thanks for the help though.