(beginner !) About links

i’m just switching and “importing” my stuff into omnifocus, since yesterday.
I copied and pasted items, and i noticed that the links (i paste some for quick reference that i need) are not clickable, as they were with the previous app(s) i used. Very surprised! Is it “normal”?
(I saw that in the notes, the links are ok, but not in the titles tasks. But, well, that’s twice faster to click on the title, yes!? ;-)
Thank you for your answers, and excuse my english.

You may select the link, ctrl-click on it, and choose ”Open URL”. It is certainly not as convenient, and I was also surprised when I found that only notes could have clickable links. It’s ok to me, though, as I normally would like to have more descriptive titles for my tasks. If clickable links in task titles is important to you, I recommend that you let The Omni Group know by writing to omnifocus@omnigroup.com.

Thant You for your response, Jan_H.!
Yes, I’m surprised and a bit disappointed, isnt’it surprising to have url non clickable? (what we expect about an url, these days, is that it would be clickable, no??;))
If I have a list for quick-reference items to consult, there is a huge difference between, lets’s say, just click, or -select the url, -ctrl-click, and -“open it” (or open the note and click).
(I was more surprised that I noticed a lot of very fine details and very well made in OmniFocus! I imagined that maybe there was a good reason for this behavior.)
I tried and used before several “tasks lists” apps, and each one made url clickable wherever it was, title or note. What I remember and notice, therefore, is that no one is perfect!
Ok i will let them know, but i imagine some people before me asked already!

I agree with everything you say. It is surprising and disappointing that links in titles aren’t clickable. Even if others already have asked, it’s still a good idea to let The Omni Group know, as the amount of interest is one factor when they choose what new features or fixes to prioritize.

Links in the title works really well in Things. I especially like those links to pull up reference material in Dropbox. I miss that simplicity in OF.