Behavior after a search

When i perform a search in OmniFocus, and then click on the small cross to clear the results when i’m done, OF stays in search mode, instead of going back to the previous perspective.
Is this normal?
I have to re-click on the perspective, which is not very practical.
I think i remember that OmniFocus 2 did not act like that (?)
Thank you for your help !

EDIT: Each time i perform a search, i’m still annoyed by this behaviour. I do not understand that no one complains about it !
(Hum the topic is already closed, it’s really a shame :/ )

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Hmmm… maybe it does that?

I just don’t bother clicking the “x” in the search box. I use a keyboard shortcut (command-2 or command-3 or command-4) to just select the perspective I want. It’s faster than moving the mouse to the search box :-)

Like CatOne said, you could go directly to the perspective you want, but mine (3.2.1) does actually return to the previous perspective, and I like that – not having to think about where I were, just getting back there after the searchh.

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