Behaviour of +1 on defer and due dates

Suppose I have an action group with

Task 1 due 10-October
Task 2 due 11-October
Task 3 due 12-October

If I select all 3 and click due +1 day, they all end up with the same date.

This is counter intuitive. I expect it to add one to all the due dates. If I wanted to set them all the same, I’d use the calendar.


Suggestion: write an email to, or add @SupportHumans to your post (so they receive an email). That’s the only way to report bugs, or submit feature requests. This is a user forum = max we can do is saying “I agree”. And I do ;-)

For what it’s worth, I agree with you, @S.G.Botsford. I still don’t entirely understand how the +1 buttons work, but here’s what I’ve been able to discover so far:

  • Clicking +1 day on a single action without a defer date defers it until tomorrow
  • Clicking +1 day on a single action with a defer date increments the defer date by one
  • Clicking +1 day on multiple actions without a defer date defers them until tomorrow
  • Clicking +1 day on multiple actions with the same defer date increments their defer dates by one
  • Clicking +1 day on multiple actions with different defer dates defers them all until tomorrow, regardless of what their defer dates previously were

It’s this last behavior that is surprising and counter-intuitive.


Ok… I see this post is going on 2 1/2 years now, and I am confused still. I try to keep my due dates current, and if I miss any from the day before, want to bring them to today, and so, most of the time when I open OF in the morning and see I have past due tasks, I can select them all, pres “+1 day” and they all move to today’s list. This morning, I did the exact same thing and they moved to tomorrow’s date. I had to undo and use the calendar widget to move them to today. Can someone tell me what makes it work in two different manners, when we all know that software will always behave the way the developer intended it too. Thanks!

This happened to me again. Does anyone have any insight why most days when I highlight all of my past due items that were due yesterday, when I click +1 day for due dates, it increments them all to today. But on occasion, will increment them until tomorrow. I cannot figure out what makes OF change behavior. Thanks.