Best practices: What to do with an email reply

I’m jumping whole hog into OmniFocus. As I’m clearing through my emails, I’m either dealing with them, or putting them into a Omnifocus action (via an AppleScript that links the email to easily get back to). That all works well.

Here’s the issue. What happens if I write a note to – and he replies … and that reply is the new action. Can I merge that reply in … or better yet have it automagically realize it’s associated? Or do I need to check off the action, and make a new one?

And, in a special case – what about if I write a note to and replies?

How are people handling this?


Interested to see what others do, but for what it’s worth I do the following:

  1. Receive an email from John with actionable item. Capture it to OmniFocus via Mail Drop, Clip-o-Tron, or type into Quick entry if it is simple.
  2. If the action requires me to respond via email, I will use Curt Clifton’s Complete and Await Reply Script that in one click completes the “Email project update to John” and creates “Await response re: Email project update to John.”
  3. When John replies, if the email has action I will tick off the “Await” action and create a new one in the project, using step #1 above or manually typing it into OF.

For some projects, I have a pattern of “Complete Action” and “Await response re: Complete Action” throughout the outline. That’s okay for for collaborative projects for me. Hope that provides some ideas.