Best way to import tasks from Omnifocus?

I’ve got OF installed on a personal and work mac, and I’d like to merge to one database. I can’t use icloud for this because it’s blocked at work. Is there a way to export from my personal mac and then import that on my work computer? I was able to find the export feature, but import seems to only support OmniOutliner.

Thank you!

To clarify, OmniFocus doesn’t use iCloud for syncing. You can either use their free Omni Sync Server or your own WebDAV server.

You can export to an OmniFocus Document. This document can be opened on either Mac and you can copy some or all tasks from this document into your live database.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Tim, thanks, this was really helpful! I had a little trouble with tools that wanted to automatically zip the file during transfer, which made it unusable on the destination mac. I finally found a workaround by checking the backup into github, and then it worked like a charm. Thank you!

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You’re very welcome, @samspot. Thanks for the update and great to hear what I shared was helpful!

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