Best way to prioritize tasks/projects - defer dates or date & time?

I am new to Omnifocus and trying to figure out the best way to prioritize my daily tasks. To see them, in importance of order to be completed
Please let me know your thoughts


In my view, the best thing about Omnifocus is that there are nearly infinite answers to that question. But to give you a very terse and perhaps unhelpful answer:

Maybe first decide whether you are going to work through the day using a Contexts perspective or a Project perspective. If you are someone who likes to work in a block doing one set of activities (like e-mails) for multiple projects, then Contexts perspective is probably best. That way you can see your @email context for all of your projects, and bang them out at once.

If you are someone who likes to do various sets of activities (e-mails, newsletters, blog, whatever) for one project at a time, then a Project perspective might be best. That way you can see the project you are working on, and the different contexts for it, e.g., @email, @writing, etc.

But it’s always a work in progress, at least for me. It’s a neat way to find out how you work best. Through experimentation, you will find things that work for you, and things that don’t work for you.

Good luck!


In my workflow, I would start looking at the due perspective. These are tasks that I should work on. In the settings window, I set due soon to 1 week. This gives me 7 days notice of tasks that are due in the next 7 days. I usually try to get ahead of myself. This avoids stress when I am approaching the deadline and find myself behind on my workload.

After i work in the due perspective, I like to work in the flagged perspective. Flag tasks that have no due date but would be good to do during the next few days.

I also have 3 project perspectives that become my 3 big rocks of the week. I tend to focus on those perspectives when I want to make significant progress in the big rocks of the week or major projects.

Review your due tasks to see if any task needs to be delayed or needs to be worked on first. Review the flagged tasks to see what can be flagged or unflagged. Then review the big rocks. Change your big rocks if needed. Or redefine the next action in each Big Rock project to see if you can jumpstart it.

Ir seems there is no way to have a perspective of just flagged but not due items? So to see these, I then have to remove the duedates from any I have flagged.

I guess this is a limitation and would need a new feature request to Omni? There needs to be improved finds across the database with exclusions too, cant understand that this is not a priority request, would make it much more powerful.


You can use the built-in flagged perspective to show any flagged tasks.

You can also create a customised Flagged perspective to fit your needs…

It will show flagged items whether or not it has a due date. It is sometimes helpful to have a flag on a due item. In my above example, I have due soon to represent 1 week. If a task is more than 1 week away, it will not show up in my due perspective. But if I flag it, it will show up immediately in my flagged perspective. When the due date is 7 days or less, the task will show up in both the due perspective and the flagged perspective. Even though the task is more than 7 days away, I know that I flagged this due task so that I can work on it immediately.

Thanks and I understand what you are saying and how to do this, but can’t understand why Omni dont include a flagged but not due. This would be good where I am flagging items to work on during the day but dont get mixed up with any due perspectives.