Best way to temporarily pick up and categorize multiple Actions within a Project?


I’m currently working on a project consists of multiple Actions.
As the project goes on, I need to have a weekly conference call with other team members, and I’d like to pick up some of the Actions as topics I want to discuss during the conference call.

In the beginning I tried to fill “Conf Call” into the Context field of each selected Action, so that I have an automatically-generated list in Context Perspective.
But then I realized I needed the Context field to do something more useful…and this method may not be very efficient.

I would be very grateful if someone could share some better ways to accomplish this, even if it requires another application other than OmniFocus.


While we’re waiting for multiple tags in OF later this year, we could use our own, primitive tagging system. You could, for example, write #confcall in the notes field (or in the name field) of the tasks and search for that. If you have the Pro version of OF, you could have a perspective showing all tasks containing #confcall.

Thanks for sharing the tricks Jan_H, having a customized perspective as a shortcut of searching keywords is really helpful!.
Looking forward to having the multi-tagging system tho lol ;)

Thanks again