Best way to view past deferred tasks

Ok… It seems that once past it’s date, past defer items with no due date do not show up in the forecast view. What is the best way to make a perspective to see tasks past their defer date that have no due date???

in of 2 or 3?

Try adding a new perspective that includes all tasks you would like to see and then set it to be grouped by defer date. Gives you a nice list that is very detailed around now and gets more and more consolidated the further away a task has been deferred.

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I’d probably suggest something like this:

If it needs to be v2 compatible, the group/sort is the important bit.

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I also suggest simply looking at and managing any available actions, and let that be the bucket to draw from where it comes to potential action (keeping it minimal via more defers and use of On Hold).


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Omnifocus 3