Better Archiving Logic

Hi all,

I am looking for a rich archiving feature.
OF2 allows only “to archive tasks completed before a date” and seems not interested in making serious archiving a feature, leaving us with a ton of useless projects on display in project view.
I would like to archive, or move to another DB (without losing folder structure) all completed projects having all actions completed that were completed before the last six months.

I tried to develop a script to move to another .ofocus database a project, but was not able to make it work.

does anyone have a solution?


What if you just set your project view to display Remaining, not All. I’ve been using OF for three years or so and have never archived, just switched from Remaining to All when I needed info. for reporting purposes.

I already have an active and a remaining perspective, but sometimes need to get back to everything that was done or is pending about a specific topic.
To do this, I need to search everything. In that case, on the sidebar I always see all projects even if they are no longer relevant. I also use project view when adding a new project copying from a template, always because I first check before adding duplicates.
In that case, I need to copy the template and then swipe through hundreds of projects to find the spot in which to paste it.