Blank window after click original message

Hi, i have sended a mail with clipotron to OF. Now when i try to open these from OF clicked on Original Message than in mail sometimes or often i receive a blank window with nothing inside. Anybody have the same issue?



I have the same issue. My workflow is to use the Clip-o-tron while my message is in the inbox, then archive it. If I keep my message in the inbox, I don’t have that problem. So understandably, moving the message might kill the link, but my workflow makes sense to me. I wonder if there is a fix possible.

Hi Robert,

I have the same problem while using a apple script to get the email in Omnifocus:
The link works, but the window is black.

I can confirm that it works if the mails stay in the inbox.
But that’s not really GTD :)

IT worked for years, but not anymore since upgrading to 10.15

Anybody an id?

For example it this message link that is not working: