Broken HTML report generation?

Hi there,

The “HTML full report” export from the reports window isn’t working for me.

When export is completed, in the folder where I’m expecting to see the index.html file, all I see is the “include” folder with the gnatt chart and timeline images. The export function seemed straight forward enough in omniplan 2. Is there something I’m missing here?


@Odie Sorry about that! This a bug we’re aware of in OmniPlan 3.3 for Mac - hoping to get an update out that addresses this issue ASAP!

For the time being, you should hopefully be able to work around this issue by reverting to OmniPlan 3.2.1, which is available for download here:

@Odie We’ve released OmniPlan 3.3.1, which addresses this bug, on our website! If you’re running the Mac App Store version of OmniPlan 3, this update should hopefully be available for download there soon as well.

Works great!

Thanks for fixing the issue so quickly!