BUG: A shape's note style is out of sync with the Fonts window


The manual states, that: “The note can be formatted as Rich Text, which means you can use all of the different font styles and colors that you can use elsewhere in OmniGraffle.”

The problem is that the styling is messed up every time you change the font, style, or size in the font window.

  1. Create a new document
  2. Use the Shape tool to create a shape
  3. Select the shape and bring up its Property Inspector
  4. Under the Note section, type in some text to assign a note to the shape
  5. Select/hilite the entered text and bring up the font window (right click > Fonts > Show Fonts; or Format > Show Fonts; etc)
  6. Select a font, say Georgia. Notice the font in the note field actually changed to Georgia, but in the fonts window it jumps back to Helvetica.
  7. Now click on ‘18’ to set the font size to 18. Notice the size has changed in the note field, but the size jumps back to 12 in the font window (at least in my case - sometimes it can jump to a different number)
  8. Select Bold in the font window. The text in the note field changed to bold but now both the Font family, font styles, and font sizes has jumped to different values in the font window.
  9. Select a different font size. The size changed in the note field but now the font window displays Helvetica, even though Georgia is the actual font in the note.

And so forth.

Experiment with randomly selecting and assigning different font families, styles and sizes to the note (while the note text is selected) and notice the different values will jump all over the place in the font window and many times it won’t correspond to the font/style/size of the text in the note field.

When you filter/search for a specific font at the bottom of the Fonts window, e.g. Helvetica, you will see two families listed: Helvetica, and Helvetica Neue. However, selecting any of this will not list any typefaces/styles under the Typeface list next to it, except for a very brief moment.

The same erratic behavior can be seen when trying to edit/assign styles to text in the Canvas Data note field under the Canvas Inspector. Interestingly the Comment text area under the Document Inspector can be styled correctly without experiencing the erratic behavior in the Fonts window.

OG 6.0.5
OS X 10.9.5