Bug? Can't lock Milestone before weekend without getting violation (that doesn't make sense)

Hi, I have a presentation on date X. When I set my milestone for that date X AND lock it AND it is on the last working hour of the week I get a violation.

The violation says:

This task is locked, but it can’t begin on its current date because its prerequisites won’t yet be completed.

This doesn’t make sense since there is enough time for all prerequisites. See screenshots below:

Do I have a misunderstanding or is this a bug?

Locked task at the end of the workweek spills out a violation:

Unlocking the task removes the violation, but I need the milestone to be locked so it doesn’t get moved by prior tasks. If the milestone is just a few hours before the weekend it is also is fine.

My Omniplan file:

@marek Sorry for the trouble! My hunch is that this constraint is running up against your project’s end date, but I’m not positive. Unfortunately, Dropbox is not compatible with OmniPlan’s package file format, so I’m unable to download the project from the link you posted. Could you compress the sample file and share it again? To do so, right click or control click on the document in Finder and select “Compress” from the contextual menu.

Alternatively, you could email our Support team for help with this - they can be reached at omniplan@omnigroup.com.

Hi @ains,

I just uploaded a ZIP of the Omniplan file:

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for re-uploading your file @marek! It looks like you’re encountering a bug that we’re aware of but have not yet had a chance to fix in OmniPlan. The problem is related to leveling resources assigned to a milestone with locked dates. If you re-create the milestone in your project without assigning a resource to it, you should not encounter a violation. I’ve added your post to our open bug report for the issue - hopefully we can address this confusing bug in a forthcoming OmniPlan update!

good to know and thanks for the tip for the workaround!

Facing the same problem but my milestone does not have a resource assigned.
Tried setting the locked start/end date to both the first or minute of the day but it didn’t work.
Also tried making the dependency Start-Start but also didn’t help.

My file:

If it helps, I have create both task and milestone via Automation, like so:

// [...]
    const xTeamPredecessorShortId = 'MyID-123';
    const milestoneGivenDate = new Date(2020, 7, 10, 0, 0, 0);
    const milestoneTitle = 'Milestone A';
    const xTeamPrereqTask = getOrCreateMilestone(xTeamPredecessorShortId);
    xTeamPrereqTask.lockedStartDate = milestoneGivenDate;
    xTeamPrereqTask.lockedEndDate = milestoneGivenDate;
    xTeamPrereqTask.title = milestoneTitle;

I tried setting either lockedStartDate or lockedEndDate only, as well both at the same time (as above), but nothing helped.

Try changing your project’s Granularity setting from the default Exact Scheduling to Daily Scheduling. Your display format may already be hiding the times on your dates—but that only affects how dates are displayed, not how they’re scheduled. If you actually want the app to schedule tasks based on days rather than fractions of seconds, changing the scheduling granularity should take care of this for you.

Hope this helps!