Bug: Can't tab to due date if Main Outline is at smallest width

If the main outline is at it’s smallest width (either with or without the sidebar/inspector showing), it isn’t possible to tab to the due date. I can tab from the action to the context and then to the defer date, but not the due date. If I make the window slightly wider, it’s possible to tab to the due date. From my tests, it appears the main outline (essentially the entire window) needs to be 5 pixels wider than its minimum allowed size in order to tab to the due date.

This issue was reported previously, but it appears that it hasn’t been revisited since 2014.

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Yep, I see this too.

Some notes:

  • This only happens in the Fluid layout (because the Column layout always has room for each visible column).
  • The window width it takes to trigger it depends on the length of the content of the Tags field. As Tags grows wider, it also takes up space that would be used for the dates.