Bug in Omnifocus 2 date handling

A couple of things about date handling. Firstly, in some places in the world, they prefer Sunday as the first day of the week (e.g. Australia). In other places, Monday. (e.g. Norway). In the Omnifocus manual it says that “next Friday” means Friday in the next week. So what does that mean on Sunday? If Sunday is the first day, this works correctly. If Monday is the first day, it doesn’t work. (I set my locale to Norway and checked). I did notice that Omnifocus cleverly changes the calendar layout to Monday first if you set locale to Norway, so the app isn’t completely oblivious to this issue.

Secondly, there is a UK-ism that is shared by many places in the world (e.g. Australia and a lot of British outposts), that “Friday week” (or Monday week or whatever) means “not the nearest Friday, but the one after”. This is NOT the same as “Next Friday” in Omnifocus in all cases (albeit it is in some cases). e.g. if this is Friday and I say “Monday week”, it means in 10 days, whereas “Next Monday” would mean (at least in Omnifocus logic), in 3 days.

Anyway, it would be great if Omnifocus supported this UKism because it is very common.

It would also be nice if it supported the UKism “fortnight” which means 2 weeks.


Is the last part a joke? I found that amusing.

I just noticed this. Have UK settings. Today is Sat 31 May

If enter ‘Next Sun’ task moves fwd 1 day to 1 Jun - my expectation was for it to move to 8 Jun. (skip a week)

Also if i enter ‘Next Mon’ the task moves fwd 2 days to 2 Jun - my expectation was for it to move to 9 Jun. (skip a week)

Can see its maybe a colloquialism but I would just enter ‘Mon’ if I wanted it moved 2 days fwd to Mon.

Not sure but think this is different behaviour from OF1 - where my expectation comes from?

This still appears to be a bug. Also, even though the Forecast view shows Monday as the first day of the week, I was suprised that using “Next Week” set the date to Sunday instead of Monday.