Bug in the project field in quick entry box?

I’m using 3.3.1 (v123.13) on MacBook Pro (MacOS 10.13.6). I cannot revoke my choice of a project in the quick entry box. The following is how to reproduce in my environment.

(1) Let the quick entry box appear by option+control+space
(2) Type tab once to move focus to the “project” field
(3) Type several characters of a project and let the project name appear on the autocompletion. The project name is quite long so that it does not fit in the quick entry box.
(4) Type enter to determine the project name.
(5) Type shift+tab to go back to the project field to correct the project name. The project name remains in the project field and I cannot correct it.

Does this reproduce in the other environment? Is there some workaround?

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