Bug: Perspective is showing additional tags contained in tasks (can't summarise this - read description!)

Hard to explain this one. The issue is only on iOS. Omnifocus 3 for Mac is fine.

I have a perspective for my morning rituals. It is setup to display any remaining tasks tagged with “Ritual (Morning)”, “Ritual (Bookend)” or “Ritual (Urgent)”. The tag “Ritual (Morning)” is for my normal morning rituals at home, “Ritual (Bookend)” for tasks I can do at home either in the morning or the evening, and “Ritual (Urgent)” for any important task I want to see first thing, while doing my morning ritual.

On the Mac, the Perspective correctly shows three sets of tasks grouped by each of the three Tags. However, on iOS, any additional tags included in any of the tasks, are also displayed in their own tag groups. e.g. I have a Task for “Take Vitamins”, which in addition to the tag for “Ritual (Morning)” is also tagged “Travel (Morning).” (because I also have a Perspective for morning rituals so when I travel, since some I can only do at home)). In the Perspective, it is also showing the Tag group “Travel (Ritual)”, which shouldn’t be displayed, and all included tasks duplicated under it.

IS this a bug? Can anyone help solve this?