Bug with notification badges on OSX?

Perhaps I’m the only one seeing this, but I’ve reported it as a bug before but it was never resolved.

Basically my badge icon on the app icon doesn’t update unless I quit/reopen OF. It doesn’t seem to happen every day, but most of the time I’ll glance down thinking I’ve done everything not realizing that there are still tasks, and the app icon hasn’t updated.

Here’s an example (a screenshot from my last bugreport, one year ago):

You can see two items due, but nothing on the app icon. Once I closed and repoened the app I then saw this:

You’ve set the badge just to show overdue actions. On the first screenshot you have no overdue actions, just two for the next day. The next screenshot was taken a day later and now the two actions have become overdue. That’s the reason, why the badge then shows them.

The due date is “midnight”, so the items are overdue already. The screenshots were taken 10 seconds apart, after closing and reopening the app. (you can see the date is the same on the calendar icon, it’s the 6th)

It’s interesting, because in the OF calendar ‘Today’ is Thursday in the first screenshot and Friday in the second. I’d say it’s related to that, but…why that is, I can’t say! Might be worth an email to the Omni support guys. :-)

I have. This is their response… from April 2020:

We are aware of an issue that causes the relative dates like “today”, “tomorrow” to be incorrect if the app is left open over midnight sometimes. I would expect this particular issue to also affect the badge count you’re seeing on the app icon. It has to do with how OmniFocus handles a date change and passes that information to the macOS services.

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