Calendar info not showing in Forecast View [A: check Sys Prefs security]

Is anyone else having trouble getting their iCal calendar information to show in the forecast view? Omnifocus 2 cannot seem to see my Calendar data on my Mac.

Might I inquire about your Forecast view settings? Mine is set to “Show calendar events,” and also has a couple different calendars checked. Does yours look similar?

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Hi thanks for that but I think I have just found the problem. I had to go into System Preferences then Security & Privacy, Select Calendars and then tick the box next to Omnifocus in the list of Apps there.
Surprised I had to do that but anyways seems to be working now. Thanks


Oddly, OmniFocus does not appear in that list for me. I’ve tried remove / reinstall with no effect. Any suggestions?

@brendandixon: Same here, so I would be very happy to learn about the solution, once you find one!

In reply to Brendan and myself: I just updated to the latest version of Mac OSX and that solved it; When opening Omnifocus after the update, a message popped up and asked me for permission to sync Omnifocus with Calendar. I clicked ‘ok’ and now it works.

I seem to have a recurring bug in which calendar events stop being displayed in Forecast view. I can force them to show by going into System prefs and turning OF2’s access to calendar info off and then back on. Also, quitting OF2 and restarting seems to work as well.But eventually they stop being displayed again. I haven’t yet discerned a pattern of when this happens, but it happens pretty regularly. I think it has been happening since at least OF2 2.0.2.

Anyone else see this happening?


OF2 2.0.4 test (v87.17 r221192)
OS 10.9.5 (13F34)
MacBook Air (Late 2010)