Calendar view in OF

Hi all, this is a question and a poll.
Would it make sense to have a more powerful forecast view instead of the simple one with one month and number of of tasks?
I mean, we can plan daily but what about viewing the percentage of free time per day, and the event durations in a month view with bars (like fantastical’s Gantt chart of events overlaid on the calendar)?

Please don’t tell me to buy fantastical, I don’t need it - I need something within my task planning application

I am all well aware that this goes partially against Omni statement that OF is not a calendar replacement, in theory. And books saying that time fencing is not good.
But in practice if I want to plan a meeting as a task in OF, I need to check every single day to see where it can be put.

And I need to have it in OF because it is part of a waterfall of tasks, so it’s integrated with other “non-meeting” tasks by precedence rules.

Ps - of course the above would require the calendar integration to come back. Otherwise we have OF saying one thing and iCal saying something else.


I hear you. It’s not gonna happen. The CalDAV world is moving too fast and requires too much maintenance. My approach: make an extra window with your favorite perspective with sidebar / inspector hidden and make it 1/3 of a view with your favorite Calendar. Then drag and drop. I know. Not very automatic. But it’s the closest thing.

I get Your point but it works only for Mac. In fact the List of events with duration is already in OF3 in the forecast so this feature is just a graphical trick I suppose

Well, not quite. While the tasks are there in OF when you are planning stuff, they are gone when you want to do your weekly review. So how do you view your finished tasks in the context of your schedule to get a complete overview of the week? AFAIK there is no way to do this, and of all the options only Todoist and TickTick get this point checked off, the former through Gaal two-way sync, the latter through a quite bulky calendar integration.

Hi mat_rhein, you are right but my issue is with calendar events and applies to the future - if you need to schedule the review of a project then I would say it is better to create a task for that and plan it, otherwise you can review periodically what needs to be reviewed, which is easier to plan

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