Can a Perspective still hide or show the sidebar (as in OF1)?

In OF1, whether the sidebar was showing or not (and even it’s exact width) was saved individually with each perspective.

I haven’t found a way to do this in OF2 and with each Perspective I need to do the additional keyboard shortcut to show or hide the sidebar.

There are certain Perspectives where I do the heavy lifting and want the sidebar showing, and others where I want a clean “actions only” view.

Has this feature been removed in OF2?


Good question. I’d like to see this too, as yet I can’t see an option for it.

I think you’d better report this via Help > Contact Omni menu.

Ditto ediventurin’s recommendation. I just sent the request as he suggested. Feel free to pile on!

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Have sent mine also. :-)

I also emailed in the request


Piled on.

I’ll be contacting Omni too

OmniGroup informed me that this hasn’t been done because not enough people have requested this feature.

Please email asking for this feature if this is still important to you.

Just a followup. I checked in with OmniGroup again today and this hasn’t been added to the roadmap for OmniFocus yet. If you care about this feature, please email and ask that this be implemented.

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emailed support to request this feature.

+1 I have emailed the request.