Can Actions be entered at the top of a Project list?

When I enter actions on OmniFocus 2 for OS X or on iOS, they are added to the bottom on the project. Is there a way to ensure that all newly created actions are created at the top of my lists? When these lists begin getting longer, I often do not see the important new actions that need further planning.

In another workflow example: I create a sequential new project for a website design, add the main goals of the project, but then remember that I have some initial actions that need to be completed first. Maybe it is just the way I think, but more often than not, I am dragging newly created actions to a position at the top of a project.


I haven’t found a way to do that. Typically, using command-N to create a new task puts it below the selected task (and not at the bottom of the project).

I just know the command-control-up arrow shortcut to quickly move things up ;-)

You can highlight a task and then press Shift-Return to create a new task above the highlighted task.


I learned of this shortcut a few weeks ago and it definitely helps with trying to stick to the keyboard. Thanks!

It would be great to have a setting where new items go to the top instead of the bottom of a project


Would be great to also have this option when dragging projects into folders. OF1 would put them at the top of folder list - OF2 puts them at the bottom. Frustrating change of behavior with no way to put it right.

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Exactly, both the new actions at the bottom and new items dragged into the bottom of folders is a change in how OF1 vs OF2 function. This change breaks a previously smooth workflow. There was no reason to change it and it’s impossible to get it back to what it was.

That’s the sort of mindless useless change in OF2 that has me back on OF1 for now.

At the minimum is should have been a user setting.

How about just flagging these important new actions? Then you can see these important tasks in the flagged perspective.

I might be thinking differently. If I have older tasks at the top, I might want to ask myself “is this really important and should I just delete it if it isn’t?”

I usually like to clear my backlog of old lingering tasks before working on new tasks. But if a new task is very important, j just flag it so that it shows up in the flagged perspective.

I can also break the list down even further into new projects. In one example, I can have a family project holding all my family tasks. Or I can have a family folder and have a project or single actions list for each family member. This is another way to avoid long lists.

Perspectives is also a great way to break down these long lists that everyone dreads so much. For my workflow, The due tasks should take first priority. Then I work on single next actions that have been flagged. Finally, I work on my Big Rocks.

For me (and probably others), it isn’t about having having the new actions at the top, it is about having a way to conveniently place the actions in projects - by dragging, by using the inspector, or by using the quick entry shortcut - within sight, for more exact positioning the next time the project is opened.

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I have emailed and requested info on an update. You would think this would be a basic feature or preference. It is counter-intuitive to be at the bottom the list, in my opinion. It really affects the view and hence productivity. does anyone know if the change or option been introduced yet?