Can Force a Perspective to Fresh on iMac

My task changes are synchronising between devices but I am constantly frustrated by the lack of an update to a perspective on my iMac.

If, using my iPhone, I mark one of my weekly repeating tasks as complete I can see the update within a few seconds on my iMac, the task changes from Due 16:00 to Due 25/10/2020 without my intervention, it literally updates before my eyes.

What I cannot seem to do is get the perspective I am looking at on my iMac to update refresh without my intervention. ⌘K does a clean-up but I do not want to press ⌘K, I want my perspective to be accurate when I look at it. How do I make this happen?

Any help appreciated, thank you.


Have you tried ⌘-S to “Sync Now”?

Yes, and it all works but I should not need to force it. I have had some success changing the ‘Clean up’ setting as I think part of my problem was that tasks were complete but not disappearing giving the impression they were still to do.

I think there is just a lag between devices which is OK if you do not switch between them quickly.

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