Can Forecast be split by folder (or anything)

After years of holding out on Omnifocus 1 I have finally made the jump to Omnifocus 2, especially based on recommendations of the Forecast view.

I have Home/Work split by folder at the top level and perspectives based off this, but the Forecast view is defeating me.

Can I use Focus in the Forecast view? I can’t work out how (the Focus button is disabled).

I’m able to select a folder or set of projects in the Projects view, and then go into Forecast to see just a subset of items. The top of the title bar then says Forecast (Focus: Folder, Project in Folder) at the top of the Window. Once you are focused from Projects, you can then switch to Forecast view and it should show you just what you are focused on until you unfocused there and you will get an “Unfocus” button at the top left part of your window.

I hope that helps!




I think that is helping, basically I need to focus then Forecast, as opposed to Forecast first.

Its a little manual (I can’t setup a Forecast only for Work all the time for instance) but it solves the largest part of the problem!



A more geeky way of solving this is to use a Keyboard Maestro macro that you can press to duplicate this workflow for either home or work.