Can I batch edit my inbox?

I’ve just updated to OmniFocus 2 and need to clean up old data from the sync that’s no longer relevant.
I can’t see how to do that and I’ve yet to find a tutorial. I have 864 inbox items due to automation when I wasn’t using OF and I need to delete all but about 15 of them.

Please advise.

I’m assuming this is on Mac, since it’s posted in the Mac category. The safest way to do this is to process the 15 items you don’t want to delete, then delete every remaining item using select all.

  1. Open the Inbox tab
  2. Assign a Project (could be a temporary one) to your 15 items, then click Clean Up in the toolbar to make them disappear from the Inbox (verify that this happened)
  3. Press ⌘A to select all the items left in your Inbox.
  4. Delete them using the Delete key (this is a permanent operation, so really do verify step 2).

I hope this helps!


Thank you!
I was unclear about the “select all” since it marked the lines blue.

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