Can i build a picker in my custom column at Omniplan?


I built a custom column in my Omniplan and want to populate it only with 4 options to choose from.
Is there a way to do that?

thank you,


Hi @Veredvera, unfortunately it’s not currently possible to have a drop-down style selection menu for custom data columns in OmniPlan. I’m sorry to disappoint!

We do have an open feature request on file for that, though, and I’ve added your comments there for the rest of the OmniPlan team to see. Not all requests will make it into the app, but we do take customer requests into account when planning future releases. Thanks for letting us know it’s important to you!

If anyone happens upon this forum thread and would like to add their voice to the discussion on the feature request, please email us so we can be sure to capture your thoughts!