Can I convert an action to a hyperlink in an exported doc?

Maybe I am asking too much of OmniGraffle but it does such a good job on some things that I’m hoping I can use it for a new project.

I want to document a complex work flow that has objects representing an activity, with some activities linked to further information on another canvas. I understand how to use Actions to do this within OmniGraffle but my question is: “Is there a way to have OnmiGraffle export actions (by way of a hyperlink would be fine) to an external document?”

Thanks for your help.

If what you want is a way to show the content to someone else with the actions, there are 2 ways. You can export the Entire Document to HTML or to PDF and have the actions retained. Do test your export to make sure everything is working as you expect before handing it to the other person.

If what you mean is you want a list of the actions as hyperlinks in a document by itself, OmniGraffle doesn’t do that by default, but it might be possible to script something like that in OmniGraffle Pro.

I hope this helps!


Hi buddy, try exporting via the full file that would be much easier to do.