Can I create a perspective to sort by tags but ONLY show the tags I’m interested in

As an example, a team perspective that only show me the tags of people’s names… but not the other tags that might be associated with the tasks.

It seems I get every tag listed… ie. priority-5, work, website, easy and all I’m interested is the list sorted by team mate.

Either I get an unruly list that I have to scroll thru to find the tags amongst a bunch of irrelevant (for this perspective) tags, or have the grouped… which creates an ugly list with all my tasks listed with the tags above and below each line. See attached.


No, unfortunately you can’t show only the tags you’re interested in – which in this particular case makes OF3 worse than OF2. I have sorted my tags with those that I want to see at the top, and then I have folded the others in my perspective, but I would be happy if more users should mail The Omni Group and tell them that they want to have this fixed.

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There is a feature request to “group by selected tags” filed (I’m one of the people who asked for it!). If you email in ( that you would like it too then it gets another vote :)


If you’re interested in this please request this. I was so excited to hear about multiple tags but once I realized this wasn’t possible, I quickly went back to my old way of using Omnifocus. I’d love to be able to see my work broken down by energy levels or priority, but right now it just doesn’t seem possible given how tags are implemented.

Okay… I’ve added my voice to the email feature request.

i agree that we need this. My GTD implemention has become more complex and unruly without it when implementing the contexts concept for tasks with tadditional tags with metadata

I’m also infuriated by this. If I set a perspective to only show me tasks tagged with a particular tag, I don’t want to see all the other tags those tasks are tagged with! (What a tongue twister!)


Tag a task once and you won’t be sorry.
To tag a task thrice is pain and folly.

Just now I discovered accidentally that you can make the MacOS version only show specific tags by downgrading the perspective back to v2. This doesn’t solve the problem on iOS though.

No, but allegedly this will happen at some point.

I was bummed when OF3 came out because I just assumed we’d be able to do this. Haven’t used multiple tags (including a Forecast tag) much yet for this reason.

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This seems to work correctly in Mac now (maybe from version 3.6.3?), even without downgrading the perspective.

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It sort of works on the Mac. Sometimes I find that you have to click the Perspective button more than once to get things to display correctly. Not sure why.

I’m just posting again to kvetch about this! It still doesn’t work after all this time. Please can we get this working soon!!

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It works fine for me. Maybe you should contact the Omni Group support to have them look at the problem?

Sorry, but when you say, it works, what are you referring to?

I still can’t create a Perspective to only show tasks tagged with a specific tag, without all the other tags that those tasks are tagged with also being displayed and cluttering the display.

I created a new perspective as a test, and then I got the same problem as you have… Every setting for the perspective is identical to the settings in the correctly working perspective, but only the new one has the problem. I have no idea how I made the old perspective work correctly. The visible difference is that the old perspective has the group of tags that I wish to show selected in the Tags sidebar. I can temporarily make the new perspective work correctly by selecting that group of tags manually, but that selection does not stick (at least not for several perspective switches). I can’t figure out how to make the perspective keep the selection. I thought it would be an idea to make some changes in the perspective while the tags were selected, to have the selection saved as a side effect, but that didn’t work either. So my best suggestion is still to contact the Omni Group support. They are very helpful, and maybe they could explain how to make the sidebar selection stick.


It’s interesting that it didn’t work with the same settings. Could it be that one was created in OF2 and the other in OF3?

I didn’t think so, but wow – when I downgraded a perspective I got the good old ”Add Current Sidebar Selection”-button back! And the perspective still works in OF3, although not with all filter features available. Then I upgraded the downgraded perspective, thinking that this double conversion might do the trick, but it didn’t.

That’s really the crux of the problem - the upgraded Perspectives have no way to add a ‘Sidebar Selection’ (as far as I have discovered). There seems to be no way to choose which tags are visible and which are hidden by default.

Bump. Maybe in 2021?