Can I create a perspective to sort by tags but ONLY show the tags I’m interested in

BUMPING my own post from three years ago…

… STILL no progress on this??! sigh. maybe OF4.

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I have been able to make this work, on the Mac only, using upgraded v3 perspectives.

To configure, select the tags you want visible in the sidebar, then immediately save the perspective via the view options popover.

Yes, I only figured this out recently but it’s great!

And, happily, also seems to work (in my limited experimentation) on the OF4 beta. :-)

Bumping for further attention - so frustrating!

This is quite 'primitive´, but I go to the Tags built in perspective and manually select the tags I want and I get the actions only with those tasks displayed. But I don’t know how to make a perspective to do this in one click

How on earth is this not solved after 4 years?! One perspective, one tag, is something so basic?


I’d benefit from this too and also emailed as per others’ suggestions to vote. Fingers crossed. This would improve my workflow/OF usage :D.