Can I export a table of resource demand by month that I can paste into Excel

I’m giving the free trial of OmniPlan a go. Looks like I might have run into a showstopper. I see no way to build a table of hours required by month… What I’m looking for is something I can use in Excel to show resource needs by month over the duration of a project.

One of my must have capabilities is to be able to export a “table” of hours required by a resource by month for the duration of a project. I work in a matrix organization and do not have dedicated team members over the length of a project. I need to be able to give the various functional managers a table showing the support they need to provide to my project over time by skill level.

If this is not possible, I may still opt for OmniPlan (I like working on a Mac) but I will have to export the project to MS Project and do the export there… NOT ideal and it makes the busoness case for OmniPlan pretty weak.

Does anyone have a way to do this or a different workaround. This is such a basic need, it is hard for me to believe it isn’t possible.

Sounds like a custom JS script / plugin.

… and that sounds like a no on the basic ability to export a table

… and is there a community that can help someone learn enough to do that? I’ve looked through the plugin help and am essentially lost when to comes to figuring out how to get the data I need to build the table…

the plugin help

That’s the material ?

There is an Omni Group Slack community with an Automation channel.

Correct, Signing up for the Slack Community…
It’s always hard knowing what terminology to use with a new tool/group )plugin help vs material