Can I filter out tasks from a perspective by context?

I’d like to make a perspective that shows all items in a project EXCEPT for those with one certain context. Is this possible?


There is no facility for this at present. However, since contexts change infrequently, perhaps selecting just those you wish to include would be satisfactory?


I agree with @nostodnayr here, but might add that looking at if/how you next Contexts may also be useful (i.e. including a single top-level Context will include its children, so if there are places where you add/change Contexts, adding to an included parent will include the children).

Use case: I have an Errands perspective, which includes only Errands context things. Errands is a parent context, though, so I can add subcontext stores or places as I see fit, and know that they will be included in my perspective.

Just food for thought if you need or want to think about how your use cases for eliminating some contexts might still facilitate others being added.


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