Can I hide on hold projects but make on hold actions in other projects visible?


I’ve noted that using the eyeball to show what I want to see in a particular tab (i.e. "In Projects, show [remaining]) also affects whether or not I see projects that may or may not be visible.

SPECIFICALLY, I have a number of projects that I have placed on hold. In my projects view, I don’t want to see them. However, I may have some deferred items in active projects that I do want to see. I haven’t found a way to show only my active projects, with all remaining tasks in the active projects.

Is this possible, without resorting to a perspective? It seems I’d like to be able to control the settings for the sidebar and the task list independently.

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Mine is something similar. I also want to hide the ‘on hold’ projects, but want to see al remaining tasks of the active projects. When clicking in the eyeball button menu on remaining, you also see the ‘on hold’ projects and when clicking the ‘available’ option the ‘on hold’ projects are hidden, only see the next available action of each project.

Am I overlooking something ?

I was just about to post a new thread about this, but the (helpful) posting system showed me this thread.

I also want to hide On Hold and Dropped projects when I click on the Projects tab.