Can I link to a Folder? (Yes)

The ability (in the main task or Notes) to link to a directory or file in the Mac’s (existing) filesystem, please.

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Can’t that be done by dropping the folder in the Notes? I think it can, I’ve done this. I don’t think it actually attaches the contents? I hope not. 😂

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You can do this by selecting a folder in Edit > Attach File and making sure the Create Link option is selected.


Of course! Thanks, Dave :-)

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When attaching a File / Link to a file, if the file is later moved to a different location the link is broken.
Is there a way to get OmniFocus to keep track of where linked files are moved to within the file system so the link isn’t broken? thanks

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It might be worth taking a look at hook, which makes getting links to things easy.

I’m not sure how Hook is helping. Yes, it pasted the hook text, but it’s not linked.

I can’t click the Create Link option. I’m testing with a jpeg.