Can I move the OmniFocus database (and backups)?

Is there a way to change the location of my OF 2 database from the ~/Library… folder it’s in to a different place?

Not really. Why do you want to move it?


Depending on how many backups it’s going to keep it will eventually eat my disk space. With OF1 I would purge my backups monthly as they just took up space and I didn’t need them. Having the backups in the library is a pain for users to find to be able to do this level of cleanup.

I also had a shortcut to make a backup when offline. I don’t see that capability in OF2, nor the ability to force a DB backup. When I work offline such as on a plane it’s nice to force a snapshot so that when I inevitably made a lot of changes and OF crashed I could pull my changes back up.

The backups are separate from the database itself.

OmniFocus 2 only keeps 100 backups, so hopefully you won’t need to clean up backups yourself.
If you do want to remove some of the older backups manually, you can choose “Show Backups…” from the File menu—no need to navigate down through Library/Containers…blah/blah/blah yourself.

There isn’t a way to force a backup at the moment, though you can export a copy of your database, which might serve most of the same purpose.


Thanks, that’s helpful. I rarely went back to an older DB, but I often saved them after major changes just to make sure I had a copy. I’ll try the export process and see if that will do the job. Where should we put the request to add back in the manual backup of the DB?

Email is always best for feature requests & bug reports:


Done, thanks

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I’m installing on my work computer and would like to put the database itself inside an encrypted disk image. Shady? A little. But I really like being able to get to my OmniFocus stuff and looking at my phone doesn’t always cut it.

Anyway, looks like it’s not possible so I’ll muddle through. Thanks!

Would this work?

  1. Move relevant directories from [username]/Library into your encrypted disk image. I’m not certain, but with OS X 10.10 Yosemite and OmniFocus 2 I believe you’d need to move Libary/Caches/Metadata/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2 and Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2
  2. Create symbolic links from the original location of each directory to its new home

I have similar concerns and would appreciate feedback from users and from Omni on this solution. Whole disk encryption using FileVault 2 is another option but does not work in all cases.

I think I’ve heard that symbolic links will work, but please try it before the moment when you’re depending on it for an urgent deadline. The good news is if it doesn’t work, it should be obvious that it’s not working—OmniFocus would launch with a brand new database, etc.