Can I paste tasks into multiple projects?

Is there a way to paste multiple tasks into multiple projects at once? Or even one task into multiple projects at once?

The specifics of my situation:

I am making a series of videos for a client, and each one needs the same processes done to it. So I make a series of nested projects in the form of Work: Clients: [Specific Client]: [Project Name]: Video #1, and I try to plan out all of the steps needed to finish it before duplicating Video #1 into Videos #2 - 20.

And then the client has a new thing that they want done, and I need to do it to every video. I can add a couple of tasks to any video I want, and I could copy and paste them and then cmd-] them into a project, then arrow down to the next project and repeat the action 20 times. But it starts to feel like I’m spending all day on my task list when I have to edit a couple dozen projects this way. Any suggestions to speed the plow?

This sounds like a great case for Templates, which are not a built in feature of OmniFocus but are a very popular request. There are ways to implement templates using both AppleScript and manipulating TaskPaper text in an external Script to fill out placeholder values like [Project Name]. There should be some threads covering both strategies in these forums.

Interesting, I’ll have to dig into the forums a little more. I would not have guessed anyone was even trying to make live-updating templates.

(To be clear, it’s not making projects 2-20 that I need help with. Cmd-D is good enough for that. It’s adding new tasks to all 20 projects AFTER I’ve already made them and begun completing tasks.)

Ooooh. In that case you’d probably want to write an AppleScript that would iterate over your sidebar selection and add the same task to the end of each project. You’re right, I wouldn’t call that templating 😀

@Arben If you need help with the script, tell me.

@unlocked2412 - if you’re the sort of person who makes a tool like that for the greater good, go for it!

I’m not especially into Applescript, so my approach from this point would be to either make a keyboard maestro shortcut to automate the add on process, or to do nothing, depending on how often this scenario comes up in the future.

Ok, here we go. Try this script.
Does it solve your problem?

-- unlocked2412
-- V0.01
-- Copy one or more tasks from OmniFocus. 
-- Then, select one or more projects in the sidebar and run the script.

tell application "OmniFocus"
	set oDoc to front document
	set oWin to front document window of oDoc
	tell oWin
		tell sidebar
			set lstTrees to selected trees whose (class of its value = project)
			if lstTrees ≠ {} then
				repeat with i in lstTrees
					set aTree to (contents of i)
					pbpaste at end of leaves of aTree
				end repeat
				display dialog "Please, select one or more projects in the sidebar"
			end if
		end tell
	end tell
end tell