Can I recur an action a set number of times? e.g. 15 times only

I have an action “Organise 15 bookmarks from the Unsorted Bookmarks section”

I want it to only happen on 15 occasions as I’ll have it completed by 9th July (Yay!)

Can I do that someway in Omnifocus 2 Pro?

Right now I just have some basic repeat setup.

  • I didn’t want to use a hard Due date as I didn’t see the point
  • I did try and get clever and put 9th/July as my Complete date but it didn’t work since it disappeared from my view as Completed.

Hey @Jupiter44! Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to set an end date/end after number of repetitions for a repeating action in OmniFocus. We do have a feature request for this in our database, though! I’ve included your input. I’d love to see this, too!


Thanks for lister listening and adding my vote :)