Can I rotate arrowheads?

I am using OG 6.4.1 on El Capitan.

When using lines with arrowheads, I often find that once I attach the arrowhead to a magnet, OG rotates the arrowhead 90 degrees from the angle I would prefer, resulting in an awkward appearance. I cannot find a way to rotate the arrowheads to be “straight” with the connector line.

In the example below, all the arrowheads are attached to magnets on the illustration. I’d like all the arrowheads to point to the right, but the lower line simply refuses to do that, and rotates -90 degrees to point the arrowhead upwards. If I move the magnets, I can get the arrowhead direction to change, but the logic isn’t apparent.

Yes, I have tried adding/removing/moving midpoints. Am I missing something? Much thanks to this group.

Where are the magnets on this object? If you’re trying to place magnets on the inside of a shape, you may find you’ll be able to exert more control over the direction of the arrowheads by placing the magnets on the outer edge of the shape instead — that way, it’ll be abundantly clear which edge the arrowhead will point toward.

In your screenshot, I expect that the bottom arrowhead is angling up because the magnet is above the line. For the center line, both endpoints of the line are centered vertically so that’s not an issue there. If you add a midpoint to the bottom line, so that the right half of the line can approach the magnet horizontally, I’d imagine the arrowhead will point right.

I hope this helps!