Can I set a column value for several rows simultaneously in OmniOutliner?

I have a column (of type Pop-Up List) that looks like this:

I want to select multiple rows and set their “Time of Day” column to “Evening” in one action.

Is this possible?

Assuming you have an OO file with:

  • a column of type Pop-Up named “Time of Day” with two values “Evening” and “Early Afternoon”,
  • at least one selected row

You could try this code (pasting it in OO Automation Console):

(() => {
        seln = document.editors[0].selection.items,
        col = columns.byTitle("Time of Day"),
        m = col.enumeration.memberNamed("Evening");
        x => x.setValueForColumn(m, col)
	new Alert(
        `Multiple row operation.`,
        `Updated value of ${seln.length} rows.`