Can I sync both OF1 and 2?

While OF2 is in beta, I’m keeping OF1 as my main use, while testing OF2. So I’ve turned off synching for OF2.

But now I’m wondering: can I safely allow both OF1 and OF2 to sync with the OmniSync Server?

it appears to be working smoothly for me between OF1 for Mac, OF2 for Mac, OF2 for iPhone, and OF1 for iPad.

The only thing you should be concerned about is archiving. If you decide to move your archive to OF2, you shouldn’t be archiving anymore in OF1. Here’s the quote from the Release Notes of Week of March 31

Archiving — You should only ever archive from a single copy of OmniFocus. Once you migrate your archive to OmniFocus 2, avoid archiving in OmniFocus 1. There’s also no way to automatically merge multiple archives; don’t archive in OmniFocus 2 if you’re still using OmniFocus 1 to handle your archive.[/quote]


Yes, this is safe. Omni Sync Server will see each copy of OmniFocus as an independent client, and each copy maintains its own database – you can sync them just like you would sync two copies of OmniFocus on separate Macs. (@wilsonng makes a great point about archiving, though – be careful to continue archiving from just one copy of OmniFocus.)