Can I use PNG files as a replacement for Stencils?


I am a version 5.4.4 user and now I realize that the included stencils, including the ones I found in the stencil search, are extremely limited compared to what I was used to back in the Visio days. Since even the ones I saw at Graffletopia are not what I was looking for, I thought I could simply use PNG files for the things I am missing but I am now baffled not to find a way to do this. Is there no way I can Import and use external graphics files in my charts? Please tell me I am missing something obvious. It cannot be that this is not possible. The only thing I have found as a workaround so far is to add a shape and place a graphics file in there.

Thanks in advance,


Sorry for the noise. If someone finds this in the search and wants the same thing, it’s “Place Image” in the file menu.