Can iOS shortcuts display a OF project?

I’d like to create a iOS shortcut which when run would open OF and display a particular project – is that possible with the latest OF for iOS?

It’s possible in the very latest OmniFocus 3.4 TestFlight builds. Check out the “Show in OmniFocus” Action.

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OK, thanks for that info.

I’m assuming this latest build will also allow a shortcut to retrieve today’s tasks. That I’m looking forward to as it, together with my calendar entries, would form my “daily briefing” draft in Drafts. (I can already pull in my calendar entries that way.)

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It depends on what you mean by “today’s”, but if you want to retrieve tasks for use later in a shortcut (to add to a draft, for example), I’d check out the “Query Tasks” shortcut action. If it doesn’t do what you need in order to build your Draft, let us know!

P.S. Before we ship this action is slated to be renamed to “Find Tasks” to better match the naming of built-in shortcuts.

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Thanks! I’ll look out for this Shortcuts action - whenever it ships.

Am I misunderstanding your question, or can’t you just use the URL scheme to do so?

If you select your project, then one of hte sharing options is the URL that leads directly to that project. I have a Shortcut that offers a menu of commonly used OF perspectives and projects, and lets me go directly to them. I probably use this Shortcut a dozen times a day because OF for iPad is so bad at navigation when using project folders and lots of smaller projects.

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How do you create that Shortcut that provides a menu of perspectives and project?

It doesn’t dynamically populate, if that’s what you’re asking… but my most used projects and perspectives don’t change that often.

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Got it, thanks.

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