Can OO Search Field act like OF search field?

If I use the OO search field, I have to enter an exact search string. For instance, entering “fox jumped” will point me to the item “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.” But if I enter “jumped fox”, it will not.

BUT … in OmniFocus, if I enter “jumped fox” it WILL find that item. In other words, the OmniFocus Search Field looks for all the elements I enter, no matter what order they’re in, while the OmniOutliner Search Field looks for an exact search string.

Is there any way to get the OO Search Field to act like the OF Search Field?


I use “Show Search” alt+command+f, then u get a list of hits and can go from there, don’t know if it helps.

Alas, no. That simply opens the Search Field I’m talking about that doesn’t behave the way the OmniFocus Search Field does.

Email a feature request to them. I’m going to do the same because I would love to see this feature as well. The OF search is powerful!

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